Welcome to the Stork Lab

    Welcome to Storklab

    Department of Genetics and Molecular Biology

    Our research is devoted to the understanding of molecular mechanisms underlying information storage in the central nervous system.

    We are fascinated by the processes that occur in brain circuits following a specific experience and that underlie the consolidation of recently acquired memories and their modification upon re-experience.

    We believe that a better knowledge of these processes will not only foster the understanding of brain function in general but provides a key to therapeutic intervention in neuropsychiatric conditions ranging from intellectual disabilities to stress-induced affective disorders.


    research and graduate education networks

    CBBS - center for behavioral brain science CIRC DZPG - Deutsches Zentrum für psychische Gesundheit DFG Graduate School RTG2413 SynAGE Neural Resources of Cognition FOR 5228 Syntophagy


    Local programs for young scientists

    CBBS - graduate program FSN - Female Scientists Network

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